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Grade 6 Historical Geology
When minerals replace parts of an organism, which is formed?
  1. Petrified fossil
  2. Fossil
  3. Cast fossil
  4. Mold fossil
Grade 3 Historical Geology
Grade 2 Historical Geology
Grade 6 Prefixes and Suffixes
Choose the best definition for the word.

  1. a fossil from a dinosaur
  2. a fossil from a mouse
  3. an entire fossil or skeletal structure
  4. a small fossil or piece of a fossil
Grade 7 Defining Words
  1. impression on paper
  2. impression of something in rock
  3. lost animals
  4. before
Grade 5 Historical Geology
A fossil is                                                         .
  1. the imprint or remains of something that lived long ago.
  2. sedimentary rock formed from layers of sand and mud.
  3. the soft part of the animal from long ago.
Grade 4 Historical Geology
Grade 9 Evolution
Lucy, Tuang, and the Piltdown Man where nicknames of major primate fossil discoveries. Which answer describes the three, respectively?
  1. a female fossil, an Asian fossil, and a male fossil
  2. an ape fossil, a gorilla fossil, and a human fossil
  3. oldest primate, Dart's discovery, and a hoax
  4. oldest primate, largest primate, and a hoax
Grade 9 Historical Geology
How is an index fossil used?
  1. To determine the exact age of a fossil.
  2. To compare the relative ages of fossils.
  3. To alphabetize fossils.
  4. None of the above
Grade 8 Historical Geology
Grade 2 Historical Geology
What are fossils?
  1. places where plant and animals lived many years ago
  2. plants and animals that no longer live on Earth
  3. prints or remains of plants and animals that lived long ago
  4. scientists who study about plants and animals that lived long ago
Grade 8 Environmental Science
A fossil fuel is
  1. a rock that contains at least 50% plant and animal remains.
  2. fuel that formed from the remains of plants and other organisms that were buried and altered over millions of years ago.
  3. sediment that has been compacted many times.
  4. metamorphic rock.
Grade 5 Historical Geology
A petrified fossil is                                                  .
  1. when minerals replace all or part of an organism.
  2. solid copy of the shape of an organism.
  3. an extremely thin coating of carbon on rock.
  4. a carbon film.
Grade 2 Historical Geology
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