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Grade 2 Musical Instruments
Grade 1 Musical Instruments
This instrument is a
Instrument - French Horn
  1. french horn
  2. trumpet
  3. oboe
  4. snare drum
Grade 9 French Revolution
The Reign of Terror affected anyone who was suspected of
  1. supporting the Jacobins and Robespierre.
  2. opposing the Jacobins and Robespierre.
  3. opposing Louis XIV.
  4. none of the above.
Grade 6 Canada
In 1608, this French explorer sailed from France to present-day Canada.
  1. Jacques Cartier
  2. Samuel de Champlain
  3. Marquis de Lafayette
  4. Pierre Charles L'Enfant
Grade 9 French Revolution
Grade 10 History of Theater

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Moliere is known not only as a playwright but also for:
  1. Being a Musketeer
  2. Flirting with Louis XIV's wife
  3. Acting and being the first to adopt a stage name
  4. Creating stock characters still used today
Grade 9 French Revolution
Grade 10 History of Theater

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Grade 8 French Revolution
Which of the following did not occur in France during the Late 1700's?
  1. a feudal state
  2. deeply in debt
  3. experiencing food shortages
  4. American Revolution
Grade 6 Canada
Which language is mostly spoken in Quebec?
  1. English
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. German
Grade 1 Colonial Period
What was one of the reasons why the French were winning the French & Indian War at the beginning?
  1. The French knew how to fight sneakily in the forests and the British did not.
  2. The French had a lot more gold.
  3. The French had faster ships.
  4. The French wore bright red uniforms so they were easy to see.
Grade 10 Enlightenment
The writers an philosophers of the Enlightenment believed the government decisions should be based on
  1. fundamental religious beliefs
  2. the concept of divine right of kings
  3. laws of nature and reason
  4. traditional values
Grade 10 French Revolution
Before the French Revolution, the people of France were divided in three estates based mainly on their
  1. education level
  2. geographic location
  3. social class
  4. religious beliefs
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