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Grade 3 Defining Words
The meaning of "preheat" is:
  1. to heat before
  2. to heat again
  3. to not heat
  4. the opposite of heat
Grade 9 Heat Transfer
Grade 9 Sports
The progression for heat related illness is:
  1. heat stroke, muscle cramps, heat exhaustion
  2. muscle cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke
  3. heat exhaustian, muscle cramps, heat stroke
  4. muscle cramps, heat stroke, heat exhaustion
Grade 9 Environmental Science
Wind power is mainly used to generate
  1. heat.
  2. electricity.
  3. heat and electricity.
Kindergarten Prefixes and Suffixes CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.K.4, L.K.4b
Grade 9 Environmental Science
What is nuclear energy used to make?
  1. electricity
  2. heat
  3. electricity and heat
Grade 8 Heat Transfer
Grade 3 Heat Transfer
Heating is when
  1. a temperature measures how hot something is.
  2. a temperature changes.
  3. energy changes the temperature of something.
Grade 10 Bonds and Mixing
Given the equation below:
HCl + energy [math]rarr[/math] H + Cl
How can this equation be described?
  1. This reaction is endothermic, and the heat is released.
  2. This reaction is exothermic, and the heat is released.
  3. This reaction is exothermic, and the heat is absorbed.
  4. The reaction is endothermic, and the heat is absorbed.
College Culinary Skills
What condition is necessary for obtaining a browned chicken breast?
  1. high moisture, high heat
  2. high heat, low moisture
  3. low moisture, low heat
  4. low heat, high moisture
Grade 8 Heat Transfer
A wet shirt is put on a clothesline to dry on a sunny day. The shirt dries because water molecules                               .
  1. gain heat energy and condense
  2. gain heat energy and evaporate
  3. lose heat energy and condense
  4. lose heat energy and evaporate
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