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Grade 12 US Government
What is the actually function of impeachment?
  1. pardon elected officials
  2. to remove office
  3. to bring charges of wrongdoings and have a trial of elected officials
  4. none of the above
Grade 8 Social Studies
To divide and distribute according to a plan
  1. impeachment
  2. apportioned
  3. consist
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Who was the first President to be impeached?
  1. Richard Nixon
  2. Ulysses S Grant
  3. Franklin Roosevelt
  4. Andrew Johnson
Grade 6 Legislative Branch
Grade 6 Legislative Branch
Grade 12 Legislative Branch
Who serves as the jury in impeachment trials?
  1. House
  2. Senate
  3. Supreme Court
  4. Convention of the States
Grade 6 Legislative Branch
Where does the impeachment process start?
  1. Senate Oversight Committee
  2. House Judiciary Committee
  3. Joint Impeachment Comittee
  4. Supreme Court
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Grade 6 Legislative Branch
Grade 7 Social Studies
Grade 8 Legislative Branch
Grade 7 Legislative Branch
Which body has the power to impeach the president?
  1. the Senate
  2. the House of Representatives
  3. the Supreme Court
  4. The vice-president
Grade 6 Legislative Branch
Grade 6 Legislative Branch
Who are two of the three presidents to have been impeached?
  1. Millard Fillmore and James Buchanan
  2. Andrew Jackon and Chester Arthur
  3. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton
  4. James Polk and Gerald Ford
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