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Grade 11 Jacksonian Era
What was the name of Andrew Jackson's plantation in Tennessee?
  1. Arlington
  2. Monticello
  3. Mount Vernon
  4. The Hermitage
Grade 7 Industrialization
Grade 5 The Presidents
Who was the 18th president?
  1. Andrew Jhonson
  2. Ulysses S. Grant
Grade 8 Jacksonian Era
A major issue during Andrew Jackson's presidency was
  1. slavery.
  2. states' rights.
  3. the War of 1812.
  4. independence.
Grade 11 Jacksonian Era
Andrew Jackson found his greatest support among
  1. northern factory workers.
  2. Native Americans.
  3. common people.
  4. supporters of high tariffs.
Grade 8 Jacksonian Era
Andrew Jackson's election to the Presidency in 1828 was significant because
  1. it continued the tradition of electing candidates who were born in VA or New England.
  2. it signaled the death of the Democratic Party.
  3. he brought a greater degree of democracy to American government.
  4. all of the above.
Grade 4 Jacksonian Era
Grade 9 WWI
Grade 6 Legislative Branch
Who are two of the three presidents to have been impeached?
  1. Millard Fillmore and James Buchanan
  2. Andrew Jackon and Chester Arthur
  3. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton
  4. James Polk and Gerald Ford
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