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Grade 8 Points, Lines, and Planes CCSS: 8.G.A.5
Which of the following correctly classifies the relationship between [math]ang4[/math] and [math]ang5[/math]?
Parallel Lines - Perpendicular Transversal
  1. alternate interior angles
  2. same-side interior angles
  3. corresponding angles
  4. vertical angles
Grade 9 Points, Lines, and Planes
Angles 3 and 5 are classified as what?
Parallel Lines - Skew Transversal
  1. Alternate interior angles
  2. Alternate exterior angles
  3. Same side interior angles
  4. Supplementary angles
Grade 7 Angles CCSS: 7.G.B.5
What is the supplement of a 67 degree angle?
  1. A 113 degree angle
  2. A 23 degree angle
  3. A 33 degree angle
  4. A 123 degree angle
Grade 9 Triangles
The measure of an exterior angle of a triangle is greater than either of the measures of its
  1. alternate interior angles.
  2. same side interior angles.
  3. remote interior angles.
  4. complementary angles.
Grade 10 Culinary Skills
At what angle should knives be held when using a sharpening stone or honing steel?
  1. 10 degree angle
  2. 20 degree angle
  3. 30 degree angle
  4. 45 degree angle
Grade 7 Angles CCSS: 7.G.B.5
In the diagram, [math]ang[/math]DBA is a 90[math]deg[/math] angle. What type of angles are [math]ang[/math]ABC and [math]ang[/math]CBD?
Complementary Angle #2
  1. Supplementary and adjacent angles
  2. Supplementary, but not adjacent angles
  3. Complementary and adjacent angles
  4. Complementary, but not adjacent angles
Grade 10 Angles
[math]ang1 and ang7[/math] are what kind of angle pair?
Parallel Lines - Skew Transversal
  1. Supplementary Angles
  2. Alternate Interior Angles
  3. Alternate Exterior Angles
  4. Corresponding
  5. Consecutive Interior Angles
Grade 10 Angles
If [math]bar (WZ) [/math] bisects [math]\angle XWY[/math], which of the following is true?
  1. [math]m\angle XWZ = m\angle YWZ[/math]
  2. [math]m\angle XWZ> m\angle YWZ[/math]
  3. [math]m\angle XWZ\cong m\angle YWZ[/math]
Grade 10 Triangles
Grade 4 Angles CCSS: 4.G.A.1
Which answer choice contains a true statement about the following shape?
Parallelogram v2
  1. There are 4 right angles.
  2. There are 0 right angles.
  3. There are 2 right angles.
  4. There is 1 right angle.
Grade 11 Trigonometry CCSS: HSF-TF.A.2
Grade 7 Other Polygons
How many sides and angles does an irregular nonagon have?
  1. 10 sides and angles
  2. 9 sides and angles
  3. 6 sides and 7 angles
  4. 9 sides and 10 angles
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