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Grade 5 Atmosphere
What happens when a cold air mass and a warm air mass bump into each other and stop moving?
  1. a cold front occurs
  2. a warm front occurs
  3. a stationary front occurs
  4. a bib front occurs
Grade 6 Atmosphere
The term stationary front describes a front
  1. that continues forward.
  2. that is present for a brief amount of time.
  3. that stops advancing.
  4. that changes.
Continuing Education Medical Terms
in front of, before
  1. post
  2. pre
  3. pan
  4. ameb
Grade 4 Connotations and Denotations
None Sports
A player may charge an opponenet ________________ to _______________.
  1. hip to hip
  2. shoulder to shoulder
  3. back to back
  4. front to front
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