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Grade 1 Spelling
Grade 2 Economics
Grade 5 Defining Words
Someone who gives COUNSEL, will give you
  1. a headache.
  2. advice and support.
  3. a test.
  4. directions.
Grade 4 Latin America and Caribbean
Cesar Chavez fought for his people by                .
  1. give them a job
  2. giving them food
  3. buying toilets
  4. forming a union
Grade 10 Cell Structure and Function
What is the function of the vacuole in a plant cell?
  1. control cell functions
  2. traps sunlight
  3. gives support
  4. holds water and gives shape
Grade 8 Forces and Motion
Which is NOT true about a force?
  1. always give an object motion
  2. it is a push or a pull
  3. occur in pairs
  4. give energy to an object
Grade 1 Botany
What would cause a plant to become wilted?
  1. watering it
  2. not watering it
  3. giving it air
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