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Grade 7 Forces and Motion
Grade 10 Fluid Mechanics
Grade 5 Inner Planets
Why is gravity so important?
  1. Because it keeps us from falling into space.
  2. Because it keeps us on earth.
  3. Because without it we wouldn't have an atmosphere.
  4. All of the above.
Grade 5 Forces and Motion
Which is the best example of gravity?
  1. A car hits a tree, and its motion stops.
  2. A breeze blows, and a sailboat moves.
  3. A book is pushed, and it moves across the table.
  4. A person drops a ball, and it falls to the ground.
Grade 4 Forces and Motion
Grade 7 Forces and Motion
The strength of the force of gravity depends on
  1. the masses of the objects and their speeds.
  2. the masses of the objects and the distance between them.
  3. the weight of the objects and their speeds.
  4. the masses of the objects and their weights.
Grade 6 Forces and Motion
The weight of the object depends on                 .
  1. mass and size
  2. mass and gravity
  3. gravity and size
  4. mass only
Grade 4 Properties of Matter
Grade 8 Forces and Motion
Grade 3 Forces and Motion
What pulls things down to the ground?
  1. environment
  2. gravity
  3. matter
Grade 5 Evolution
Charles Darwin gave to science the theory of
  1. revolution.
  2. evolution.
  3. gravity.
Grade 8 Matter
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