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College Circulatory and Immune Systems
The visceral layer folds over it self and becomes the what of the serous pericardium?
  1. visceral layer
  2. parietal layer
  3. endocardium
  4. peri sternum
Grade 10 Networks
Select the best choice for segments, as described in the OSI model.
  1. Part of the presentation layer
  2. Part of the data link layer
  3. Part of the transport layer
  4. None of the above
College Circulatory and Immune Systems
The outer layer of the pericardium is called the                    ?
  1. visceral layer
  2. fibrous pericardium
  3. parietal layer
  4. serous pericardium
Grade 6 Earth's Layers
Which layer is the outermost layer of Earth?
  1. lithosphere
  2. mantle
  3. crust
  4. asthenosphere
Grade 5 Prefixes and Suffixes
Choose the definition that best fits the word.

  1. a cake with one layer
  2. a cake with more than one layer
Grade 7 Atmosphere
Grade 7 Earth's Layers
Put the layers of Earth in order from outside layer to inside layer.
  1. mantle, crust, core
  2. core, mantle, crust
  3. crust, mantle, core
  4. mantle, core, crust
  5. crust, core, mantle
Grade 5 Atmosphere
In what layer is the Ozone Layer found?
  1. Stratosphere
  2. Mesosphere
  3. Thermosphere
  4. None of the above
Grade 3 Earth's Layers
Grade 6 Earth's Layers
Earth's inner core is
  1. a dense ball of solid metal.
  2. a layer of molten metal.
  3. a layer of hot rock.
  4. a layer of rock that forms Earth's outer skin.
Grade 7 Earth's Layers
The lithosphere, mantle, and metallic core are all
  1. layers of Earth.
  2. parts of the Sun.
  3. layers of the atmosphere.
  4. planets in the solar system.
Grade 6 Atmosphere
The inner layer, or "weather layer", of the atmosphere is called the
  1. mesosphere.
  2. troposphere.
  3. thermosphere.
  4. stratosphere.
Grade 7 Atmosphere
Lowest layer of the atmosphere. Weather occurs in this layer.
  1. Exosphere
  2. Troposphere
  3. Stratosphere
  4. Mesosphere
Grade 10 Networks
Which of the following best describes a major difference between the TCP/IP and the OSI model.
  1. TCP/IP combines the OSI data link and physical layers into one layer
  2. They have different layers
  3. Both have application layers
  4. Networking professionals need to know both models
Grade 11 Cosmetology
A layered cut or 90 degree cut is know as:?
  1. solid form
  2. graduated form
  3. increased layered form
  4. uniformly layered form
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