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Grade 5 Soil
The main ingredient in soil is
  1. bacteria.
  2. weathered rock.
  3. decayed animal material.
  4. decayed plant material.
Grade 5 Environmental Science
Grade 2 Defining Words
What does solution mean?
  1. answer
  2. problem
  3. material
Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. matriel
  2. matereel
  3. material
Grade 5 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. material
  2. materiel
  3. materiul
Grade 8 Magnetism and Electricity
College Biochemical Pathways
Grade 8 Circulatory and Immune Systems
Which is NOT one of the three main functions of the cardiovascular system?
  1. delivering needed materials
  2. removing waste materials
  3. producing insulin
  4. fighting disease
Grade 11 Cell Structure and Function
Grade 9 Heat Transfer
Which of the following most accurately describes how an insulated lunch bag keeps your food cool?
  1. The material prevents the cool air from leaving the bag.
  2. The material destroys thermal energy.
  3. The material prevents thermal energy outside from flowing into the bag.
  4. The material produces cold molecules.
Grade 11 Properties of Matter
Grade 7 Capitalization and Punctuation
Which of the following sentences are punctuated and capitalized correctly?
  1. Your use of materials, for example is very artistic
  2. your use of materials, for example, is very artistic!
  3. Your use of materials, for example, is very artistic.
  4. Your use of materials for example is very artistic!
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