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Grade 10 Islam
Largest Muslim sect. Believe you do not have to be blood relative of Muhammad to be leader
  1. Sunny Muslim sect
  2. Shia Muslim sect
  3. Shiite Muslim sect
  4. Sunni Muslim sect
Grade 9 Islam
What are the followers of the religion, Islam, called?
  1. Islams
  2. Muslims
  3. Muhammads
  4. Lemmings
Grade 7 Modern Africa and Mid East
Lebanese people are what religions?
  1. Judiasm
  2. Christian
  3. Muslim
  4. Catholic
Grade 6 Islam
Who worships in a mosque?
  1. Buddhists
  2. Muslims
  3. Hindus
College Golden Age
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
The Crusades were wars between the Christians and:
  1. the Greeks
  2. the Vikings
  3. the Muslims
  4. the Romans
Grade 9 Social Studies
Who was the founder of Islam?
  1. Allah
  2. Muhammad
  3. Muslim
  4. Hijrah
Grade 9 Twentieth Century and Modern - 1900-2000
What was Bob Marley's religion at birth?
  1. Rastafari
  2. Judaism
  3. Muslim
  4. Christian
Grade 7 The Diary of a Young Girl
Anne's family was which religion?
  1. Jewish
  2. Muslim
  3. Catholic
  4. Christian
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
Grade 9 Roman Empire
Grade 9 Islam
When are Muslims required to fast?
  1. during Lent
  2. during Rosh Hashanah
  3. during Ramadan
  4. before Sunday church services
Grade 10 World History
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