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Grade 9 Theme CCSS: CCRA.R.2, RI.9-10.2

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Which choice best represents the theme of this passage?
  1. Slavery
  2. Politics
  3. Freedom
  4. Opportunity
Grade 6 Economics
When making a purchase, what is the opportunity cost?
  1. The opportunity to make a purchase
  2. When you choose one item instead of another
  3. The item you bought
  4. The items you don't buy when buying an item
Grade 2 Economics
What you give up when you make a choice.
  1. benefit
  2. opportunity cost
  3. income
  4. price
Grade 8 Economics
Grade 8 Economics
There are four factors of production, land, labour, capital and...
  1. Opportunity
  2. Enterprise
  3. Market Forces
  4. Capitalism
Grade 11 Life Skills
Grade 3 Economics
Continuing Education Business Technology
Grade 10 Immigration
Immigrants had always come to America for economic opportunity and
  1. help from police
  2. a good education
  3. first class accommodations
  4. religious freedom
Grade 6 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 4 Economics
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