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Grade 8 History of Theater
In Romeo and Juliet who died by sword/dagger?
  1. Paris and Tybolt
  2. Romeo and Paris
  3. Juliet
  4. Mercutio and Tybolt
  5. A and C
  6. C and D
Grade 9 World Events
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
Grade 10 French Revolution
Grade 7 WWII
Where did the Franks move after escaping Germany?
  1. Paris
  2. Warsaw
  3. Rotterdam
  4. Amsterdam
Grade 10 Modern Africa and Mid East
Grade 7 European Geography
What is the capital of France?
  1. Versailles
  2. Bordeaux
  3. Lyon
  4. Paris
Grade 7 Medieval Europe
Grade 4 Asian Geography
Grade 10 WWI
Grade 8 Fashion and Style
What city was Chanel born in?
  1. Paris
  2. Saumur
  3. Deauville
  4. London
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet

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