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Grade 9 Capitalization
Choose the answer that best revises the sentence.

did he attend the university of texas?
  1. Did He attend the University of Texas?
  2. did he attend the University of Texas?
  3. Did he attend the University of Texas?
  4. Did he attend the university of Texas?
Grade 7 Capitalization
Choose the words that should be capitalized.

Helen Braddock, ph.d, teaches french at the university.
  1. ph.d, french
  2. teaches, french
  3. university, ph.d.
  4. french, university
Grade 5 Exploration
Grade 8 Tenets of the Catholic Faith
A word that means "universal".
  1. Vatican Council
  2. Jesus
  3. Catholic
  4. Presbyters
College Heat Transfer
As stated by the second law of thermodynamics, energy transformations                                                                    
  1. are never accompanied by heat returning to the universe
  2. decrease entropy of the universe
  3. increase entropy of the universe
  4. decrease randomness or disorder of the universe
  5. are always accompanied by a loss of light energy to the environment
Grade 4 Enlightenment
Newton believed that the universe was                                               .
  1. like a machine that always worked the same way,
  2. a huge ,mysterious, magical riddle
  3. strange and unpredictable
  4. too difficult to study and explore
Grade 6 Universe
Grade 4 STEM Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. unaverse
  2. universe
  3. univurse
Grade 9 Enlightenment
What is geocentric?
  1. sun-centered universe
  2. the moon
  3. earth-centered universe
  4. a star system
Grade 9 Universe
Grade 6 Universe
Which put the following in order from biggest to smallest?
  1. Galaxy, Universe, Solar System, Star, Planet
  2. Universe, Solar System, Galaxy, Planet, Star
  3. Solar System, Universe, Galaxy, Star, Planet
  4. Universe, Galaxy, Solar System, Star, Planet
Grade 10 Vocabulary
Done or experienced by everyone
  1. universal
  2. skeleton
  3. massive
  4. extinct
Grade 10 Vocabulary
The crime of deliberately killing a person
  1. universal
  2. murder
  3. cedar
  4. expression
Grade 8 Solar System
Which of these BEST describes our solar system?
  1. geocentric
  2. heliocentric
  3. universal
  4. Ptolemy's
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