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Grade 7 Colonial Period
Grade 2 Colonial Period
Jamestown was founded in the year
  1. 1725
  2. 1607
  3. 1492
  4. 1800
Grade 5 Colonial Period
What geographic difference is a result of Plymouth being farther north of the equator than Jamestown?
  1. Plymouth has a colder climate than Jamestown.
  2. Plymouth has a longer shoreline than Jamestown.
  3. Plymouth has less rain than Jamestown.
  4. Plymouth is a smaller city than Jamestown.
Grade 8 Colonial Period
What was the name of the settlement founded in 1607?
  1. Plymouth
  2. Roanoke
  3. Jamestown
  4. Charlestown
Grade 4 Pre-Colonial Period
The first English settlement in America was called what?
  1. Johnstown
  2. Jamestown
  3. Jimtown
  4. Janetown
Grade 7 Colonial Period
None US Geography
Where was the capital of Virginia was first located at?
  1. Smithfield
  2. Jamestown
  3. Williamsburg
  4. Richmond
Grade 8 Colonial Period
In which colony did the "Starving Time" occur?
  1. Vermont
  2. Maine
  3. Plymouth
  4. Jamestown
Grade 5 Colonial Period
Where did the Pilgrims first land in America?
  1. Leiden
  2. Plymouth
  3. Jamestown
  4. Provincetown
Grade 5 Colonial Period
What was the main reason Jamestown was founded?
  1. to learn more about the Native Americans
  2. to find clean drinking water
  3. to get rich from the New World's resources
  4. to start a new country
Grade 8 Colonial Period
Pocahontas helped Jamestown to survive by
  1. bringing peace between the colonists and her people.
  2. showing the colonists how to raise tobacco.
  3. telling the colonists how to raise tobacco.
  4. teaching the colonists how to hunt and fish for food
Grade 8 Colonial Period
Jamestown is a city in which of these states?
  1. Rhode Island
  2. Virginia
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Massachusetts
Grade 9 Colonial Period
Grade 9 Colonial Period
Grade 8 Colonial Period
Grade 4 Pre-Colonial Period
Grade 8 North Carolina
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