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Kindergarten Zoology
Grade 4 US Geography
Texas is the                 state in the United States
  1. smallest
  2. largest
  3. second-largest
  4. fifth-largest
Grade 6 US Geography
Grade 9 Geography
Brazil is the largest, most populous country in South America and the                                  .
  1. 5th largest country in the world.
  2. 6th largest country in the world.
  3. 7th largest country in the world.
  4. 4th largest country in the world.
Grade 4 Cell Structure and Function
The                  unit of life is a                 .
  1. largest; cell
  2. smallest; cell
  3. smallest; tissue
  4. largest; tissue
Grade 5 Phrases and Clauses
Grade 8 Circulatory and Immune Systems
The aorta is
  1. the largest vein in the body.
  2. a chamber of the heart.
  3. the largest artery in the body.
  4. a misspelled word.
Grade 6 Primes, Factors, and Multiples CCSS: 6.NS.B.4
What is a Greatest Common Factor (GCF)?
  1. The largest number you can write.
  2. The largest factor two or more numbers have in common.
  3. The largest factor of one number.
  4. None of the above
Grade 9 Vocabulary
  1. smaller
  2. largest
  3. tiny
  4. average
Grade 8 Bonds and Mixing
What is the particle size of a solution?
  1. Largest
  2. Medium
  3. Smallest
  4. All of the above
Grade 9 Inner Planets
Which planet is the Valles Marineris on and what is it?
  1. Jupiter; the largest storm cloud in the solar system
  2. Mars; the largest volcano in the solar system
  3. Mars; the "Grand Canyon" of the solar system
  4. Mercury; the largest crater in the solar system
Grade 5 Botany
Different kinds of plants living in the same area must compete for water. Which kind of plant has the greatest chance for survival?
  1. plant with the largest leaves
  2. plant with a compact root system
  3. plant with the largest root system
  4. plant with needles instead of leaves
Grade 6 Taxonomy
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