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Grade 9 Forces and Motion
Newton's First Law is also known as
  1. The Law of Velocity.
  2. The Law of Gravity.
  3. The Law of Inertia.
  4. The Law of Conservation.
  5. The Law of the Land.
Grade 6 Legislative Branch
The Legislative branch of the government
  1. interprets the law
  2. enforces the law
  3. writes the law
  4. controls the law
Grade 5 Forces and Motion
Newton's law of motion that describes action-reaction pairs is the
  1. first law.
  2. second law.
  3. third law.
  4. law of gravity.
Grade 8 US Government
Principle that the law applies to everyone, even those who govern.
  1. Rule of Law
  2. Types of Law
  3. Criminal Law
  4. Justinian Law
Grade 9 Energy and Momentum
Newton's Third Law is also called the
  1. law of inertia.
  2. law of momentum.
  3. law of velocity.
  4. law of acceleration.
Continuing Education Military
What gas law explains altitude-induced decompression sickness?
  1. Boyle's Law
  2. Henry's Law
  3. Charles's Law
  4. Dalton's Law
Grade 7 People and Places
Indicate the correct spelling.
  1. son in law
  2. son-in-law
  3. son in-law
  4. son in lawe
Grade 9 Executive Branch
What is the executive branch's job?
  1. to break laws
  2. to enforce laws
  3. to make laws
  4. to execute laws
Grade 12 Economics
Burger King making more Whoppers because the price of Whoppers went up $2 is an example of:
  1. Law of demand
  2. Law of deflation
  3. Law of elasticity
  4. Law of supply
Grade 9 Legislative Branch
The main job of Congress is to:
  1. Interprate Laws
  2. Break Laws
  3. Make Laws
  4. Enforce Laws
Grade 10 Islam
Grade 12 Economics
Grade 7 Plurals
Indicate the correct spelling.
  1. brother-in-laws
  2. brotheres-in-law
  3. brothers-in-law
  4. brouthers-in-law
Grade 9 Energy and Momentum
The momentum after a collision of two objects is explained using the
  1. law of inertia.
  2. law of momentum.
  3. law of acceleration.
  4. law of conservation of momentum.
Grade 12 US Government
Grade 6 Nouns
The plural form of brother-in-law is
  1. brother-in-laws
  2. brothers-in-laws
  3. brothers-in-law
  4. brother-in-law
Grade 7 Legislative Branch
What does the legislative branch do?
  1. Make the law
  2. Enforce the law
  3. Interpret the law
Grade 3 Executive Branch
The job of the executive branch is to                   .
  1. make the laws
  2. enforce the laws
  3. interpret the laws
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