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Grade 2 Suffixes CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.2.4, L.2.4b
Which word means without life?
  1. lifeful
  2. lifeless
  3. life
  4. lifed
Grade 10 Medical Terms
The number of years that a person can expect to live is called...
  1. quality of life
  2. quantity of life
  3. life expectancy
  4. life history
Grade 3 Figurative Language
If someone says "Life is just a bowl of cherries," what do they mean?
  1. Life is good.
  2. Life is round.
  3. Life is small.
  4. Life is red.
Grade 7 Historical Geology
Cenozoic refers to
  1. ancient life.
  2. recent life.
  3. middle life.
  4. pre-life.
Grade 2 Tenets of the Catholic Faith
Grade 5 Root Words
If bio means life, what does biography mean?
  1. a life dictionary
  2. a life saving device
  3. a life story
  4. a changed life
Grade 6 Ecology
The stages of an organism's growth and development are its
  1. life expectancy.
  2. life span.
  3. life cycle.
Grade 6 Ecology
The period that an organism lives is its
  1. life expectancy.
  2. life span.
  3. life cycle.
Grade 12 Physics
What is the relationship between mean life and half-life?
  1. Mean life is half of the half-life
  2. Mean life is twice the half-life
  3. Mean life is 1.443 times greater than the half-life
  4. Mean life and half-life are unrelated
Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the word that is spelled correctly.
  1. life jacket
  2. life jaccet
  3. lif jacket
  4. life jackett
None English as a Second Language ESL
What are the opposites of these words:

death / dead / die
  1. alive / live / life
  2. life / alive / live
  3. live / life / alive
  4. alive / life / live
Grade 3 Capitalization CCSS: CCRA.L.2, L.3.2, L.3.2a
How would you capitalize the following title?

the life of a trumpet swan
  1. The Life Of A Trumpet Swan
  2. The Life of a Trumpet Swan
  3. the Life of a Trumpet Swan
  4. the Life Of A Trumpet Swan
Grade 6 Ancient History
What happens during a revolution?
  1. Life changes some
  2. Life changes completely
  3. Life changes a little
Grade 12 A Lesson Before Dying
What was the sentence given to Jefferson?
  1. Life
  2. Hanging
  3. Death by electrocution
  4. 25 to life
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