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Grade 1 Children's Literature
What were the martians doing?
  1. flying a spaceship
  2. landing on the earth
  3. taking over the moon
Grade 9 The Martian Chronicles
Grade 1 Sentence Structure
Choose the best answer for the question.

What is your name?
  1. Sally
  2. Martian
  3. A television
  4. Under the bridge
Grade 9 The Martian Chronicles
What did the women do to help make the Martian towns seem more like home?
  1. pollute it
  2. paint it
  3. decorate it
  4. destroy all things martian
Grade 7 Dark They Were and Golden Eyed
What does a move to the Martian village mean?
  1. The Earthmen think the rescuers will find them easier in the villas
  2. The Earthmen like the villas better than their homes
  3. The Earthmen have lost all ties with their humanity
Grade 7 Dark They Were and Golden Eyed
What happened to Mr. Bittering's rocket?
  1. The Martians destroyed it
  2. They took it back to Earth
  3. It rusted
Grade 9 Inner Planets
What is the gas that makes up most of the Martian atmosphere?
  1. nitrogen
  2. oxygen
  3. carbon dioxide
  4. water vapor
Grade 8 Inner Planets
What is the main composition of the Martian polar ice cap?
  1. water
  2. ice
  3. frozen carbon dioxide
  4. methane
Grade 8 US History
Which of the following radio broadcasts sent many Americans into a panic in 1938?
  1. The Grapes of Wrath
  2. Martians Wreck the World
  3. World of Warcraft
  4. War of the Worlds
Grade 9 The Martian Chronicles
Grade 9 The Martian Chronicles
Grade 9 The Martian Chronicles
What happened to the McClellans?
  1. they died
  2. moved to Mars
  3. moved to another Earth town
  4. got on a rocket
Grade 7 Inner Planets
Grade 9 The Martian Chronicles
What was at the end of each Morse-code message?
  1. stay away
  2. help us
  3. come home
  4. send food
Grade 9 The Martian Chronicles
How does Driscoll oxygenate Mars?
  1. by draining the canals
  2. by releasing oxygen tanks into the air
  3. by planting trees
  4. removing all of the fruit plants
Grade 9 The Martian Chronicles
Grade 9 The Martian Chronicles
Grade 7 Dark They Were and Golden Eyed
What does Harry ask his wife on their picnic?
  1. How long their children have been speaking Martian
  2. How long her eyes have been yellow
  3. How long have they been on Mars
Grade 9 Vocabulary
A special quality in a person that inspires devotion or fascination in others is known as            Charisma           

A waiting period or a temporary ban on a activity is known as a              Moratorium             

To be prompt or swift in your doing or to be considered with great speed; quick or efficient can be defined as                 Expeditiously                

Our Pit-bull dog is a very           Docile           animal.

The art of using language skillfully is known as            Rhetoric           

Many of my teachers exhibit a cheerful               Disposition              most of the time.

A visible suspension in the air of particles of some substance are known as          Vapors         .

The author made it difficult to understand his writings because much of it was mysterious and extremely           Cryptic          .

Few people attend the lectures on Shakespeare because they find them to be            Esoteric           in nature.

President Nelson Mandala's speech was indigenous to his home country because he spoke in the              Vernacular             of South Africa.

A figure of speech in which an expression is used to refer to something that it does not literally denote in order to suggest something is known as a            Metaphor           

To act or move slowly is considered to          Dawdle         .

To make a guess based on facts and observations to something that may be implied, but not spoken of is considered         Infer        

After the "March in Albany, Georgia" Martian Luther King Jr. left the city not to            Engender            further action.

Easily understood; having full use of one's mind and control over one's actions is considered         Lucid        .

Being concerned with practical rather than intellectual or artistic matters can be called             Pragmatic            

Coach Bryan is a          Ardent         supporter of the Whale Branch Football team.

An educated taste in art and literature and music; or the way people live at a particular time in place is known as their           Culture          

The oldest          Caveat         in business is let the "Buyer Beware".

A college graduate feels a true sense of                Serendipity                when they get their first job.
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