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Grade 11 Rocks
Grade 6 Rocks
Metamorphic rocks are formed
  1. when heat and pressure inside the earth change one kind of rock into another kind of rock.
  2. when the earth comes to the surface, cools, and hardens.
  3. when particles of matter are laid down in many layers and pressed together.
Grade 6 Rocks
Metamorphic rocks are classified by                                 .
  1. foliation or non-foliation
  2. evaporation or precipitation
  3. color and crystal size
  4. intrusive or extrusive formation
Grade 6 Rocks
Which is a metamorphic rock?
  1. shale
  2. granite
  3. slate
  4. pumice
Grade 8 Rocks
A kind of foliated metamorphic rock
  1. slate
  2. marble
  3. limestone
  4. coal
Grade 9 Geomorphology
Which best describes metamorphism?
  1. one of the three classes of rocks
  2. deposition and accumulation of sediments
  3. process of altering rocks with pressure and temperature
  4. geologic process in which one type of rock changes into a new type of rock
Grade 8 Rocks
What are the three types of metamorphism?
  1. slate, marble, quartzite
  2. clastic, chemical, and organic
  3. lava, magma, and volcano
  4. contact, regional, and burial
Grade 7 Rocks
Metamorphic rock transforms to sediment by                           .
  1. heat and pressure
  2. weathering and erosion
  3. cementation and compaction
  4. melting and cooling
Grade 8 Rocks
Which is a nonfoliated metamorphic rock?
  1. limestone
  2. marble
  3. erosion
  4. slate
Grade 7 Rocks
Grade 8 Rocks
Lava that cools quickly forms                       rocks.
  1. extrusive metamorphic
  2. extrusive igneous
  3. intrusive metamorphic
  4. intrusive igneous
Grade 7 Rocks
Metamorphic rock transforms to igneous rock by                      .
  1. heat and pressure
  2. weathering and erosion
  3. melting and cooling
  4. cementation
Grade 7 Rocks
Igneous rock transforms to metamorphic rock by                           .
  1. melting and cooling
  2. cementation and compaction
  3. weathering and erosion
  4. heat and pressure
Grade 7 Rocks
Metamorphic rocks can be formed from
  1. igneous rocks.
  2. sedimentary rocks.
  3. metamorphic rocks.
  4. all rock groups.
Grade 7 Rocks
Which is a type of foliated metamorphic rock?
  1. Obsidian
  2. Gneiss
  3. Coal
  4. Marble
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