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Grade 9 Figurative Language
Grade 4 Figurative Language
Grade 4 Metaphor
Grade 9 Figurative Language
A metaphor:
  1. gives human qualities to non-human things
  2. a comparison using like or as
  3. a comparison using is or was
Grade 5 Figurative Language CCSS: CCRA.R.4, CCRA.L.5, RL.5.4, L.5.5, L.5.5a
What does this metaphor mean to you? "My sister has a heart of stone."
  1. My sister is really strong.
  2. My sister is really brave.
  3. My sister is really uncaring.
  4. My sister is actually a statue.
Grade 5 Alliteration CCSS: CCRA.L.5, L.5.5, L.5.5a
Grade 7 Figurative Language
What is a metaphor?
  1. a comparison of two unlike things using like, as, than, or resembles
  2. a comparison of two unlike things in which one thing is said to be another
  3. giving inanimate objects human qualities
Grade 9 Metaphor
Metaphor differs chiefly from simile in that metaphor
  1. is used to describe non-human objects in the natural world.
  2. contains many layers of significance.
  3. does not use an explicit comparative word such as like or as.
  4. may be extended over many lines of verse.
Grade 6 Metaphor
Which of the following is an example of a metaphor?
  1. Those girls are like two peas in a pod.
  2. Ted was as nervous as a cat.
  3. No one invites Chuck to parties because he's a bear.
  4. The sky smiled down on me.
Grade 9 Metaphor
Choose the best example of a metaphor.
  1. Tybalt, you rat-catcher, will you walk?
  2. Peace you mumbling fool!
  3. O, speak again, bright angel!
  4. How silver-sweet sound lovers' tongues by night, Like softest music to attending ears!
Grade 9 Metaphor
Which is an example of a metaphor?
  1. The handshake felt like warm laundry.
  2. My mom is going to kill me.
  3. She hung her head like a dying flower.
  4. Life is a roller coaster.
Grade 6 Metaphor
What does a metaphor do?
  1. Adds a message to your story
  2. Creates a mood
  3. Explains your thinking
  4. Creates an original way of saying something
Grade 4 Metaphor
Which of the following is an example of a metaphor?
  1. He's as lazy as a dog.
  2. My dad won't go hiking, he is a couch potato!
  3. She was as cold as ice.
  4. Her eyes shone like stars in the night.
Grade 7 Figurative Language
Similes and metaphors are both
  1. types of literal language.
  2. types of contrasts.
  3. types of viewpoints.
  4. types of comparisons.
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