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Grade 11 Stars
The parallaxes of nearby stars are produced by
  1. stellar motion across our line of sight.
  2. stellar motion along our line of sight.
  3. the rotation of the galaxy.
  4. Earth's rotation on its axis.
  5. Earth's revolution around the Sun.
Grade 7 Stars
Grade 11 Stars
The parallax of a star is inversely related to its
  1. temperature.
  2. distance.
  3. luminosity.
  4. diameter.
  5. composition.
Grade 9 Stars
The brightness of a star is called its
  1. redshift.
  2. parallax.
  3. variableness.
  4. magnitude.
Grade 9 Planetary Motion
The force that holds planets in their orbits is called
  1. parallax.
  2. revolution.
  3. rotation.
  4. gravity.
Grade 11 Stars
Grade 9 Stars
The measure of a star's brightness is called its
  1. color index.
  2. visual binary.
  3. magnitude.
  4. parallax.
Grade 9 Stars

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The process in which smaller atomic nuclei combine into large atomic nuclei is known as
  1. gravitational attraction.
  2. parallax.
  3. nuclear fusion.
  4. the Doppler effect.
Grade 9 Stars
Distances to nearby stars can be determined from
  1. fluorescence.
  2. stellar parallax.
  3. stellar mass.
  4. emission nebulae.
College Nervous and Endocrine Systems
Cues from a single eye are
  1. Accommodation
  2. Monocular cues
  3. Pictorial depth cues
  4. Motion parallax
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