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Continuing Education Military
What does the acronym eMILPO stand for?
  1. Emergency Military Personnel Office
  2. Electronic Military Personnel Office
  3. Enlisted Military Personnel Office
  4. Entry to Military Personnel Office
None Military
Under which section would you find information for a Soldiers SGLI and Emergency Notification?
  1. Readiness
  2. Personnel Service
  4. Personnel Acounting
  5. Reassignments
  6. None of above
College Business Technology
What is Human Resources Management?
  1. The process of managing human talent to acheive an organization's objective
  2. The act of watching people be managed
  3. The knowledge, skills, and capabilities of individuals
  4. The management or process of working with people of various degrees
Continuing Education Navy
None Culinary Skills
Continuing Education Military
Which of the following are components of eMILPO functions?
(may choose more than one answer)
  1. Personnel Service
  2. Personnel Accounting
  3. Reassignments
  4. Promotions
  6. Readiness
  7. Workflow/ DTAS/ System Services
  8. All of the above
Continuing Education Business Technology
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