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Grade 10 Industrialization
The government responded to the Pullman Strike by
  1. taking Pullman officials to court
  2. using federal troops to control the workers
  3. forcing unions and workers to negotiate
Grade 8 Industrialization
Which strike was against Carnegie Steel?
  1. Haymarket Riot
  2. Pullman Strike
  3. Homestead Strike
Grade 11 Industrialization
What strike was known as the first nationwide protest? It occurred in 1877.
  1. Pullman Strike
  2. Great Railroad Strike
  3. Homestead Strike
Grade 11 US History
Grade 10 Industrialization
In which of the following did several police officers and workers die?
  1. Pullman factory
  2. Triangle Shirtwaist factory
  3. Haymarket riot
  4. Homestead strike
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