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Grade 10 Industrialization
John D Rockefeller made his millions in
  1. oil
  2. steel
  3. telephones
  4. railways
Grade 6 Local History, Geography, and Culture
Grade 11 WWII
Where was the French surrender to Germany signed?
  1. Paris
  2. Germany
  3. a railway car
  4. on a boat
Grade 7 Industrial Revolution
Grade 10 Industrialization
Which two railroads formed the Transcontinental Railroad?
  1. Union Pacific and Southern Railway
  2. Union Pacific and Central Pacific
  3. Central Pacific and Great Northern
  4. Great Northern and Southern Railway
Grade 10 Industrialization
Which of the following is NOT an example of how the Transcontinental Railway encouraged Industrialization?
  1. The railroads linked the nation.
  2. Railroad companies refused to hire immigrants.
  3. The construction of the railroad stimulated the economy.
  4. Railroads increased the size of markets for many products.
Grade 8 Colonial Period
People from Britain and America were attracted to British Columbia because:
  1. Free land
  2. Railway work
  3. Gold mining
  4. Inter-colonial trade
Grade 11 Industrialization
ARU stands for?
  1. American Railway Union
  2. American Rent Union
  3. American Roadways Union
  4. American Risk Union
Grade 5 Modern Era
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