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Grade 11 The Crucible
specialist in witchcraft; came into town from Beverly
  1. Judge Danforth
  2. Rev. Parris
  3. Rev. Hale
  4. Giles Corey
Grade 11 The Crucible
Grade 9 To Kill a Mockingbird
Who makes Scout and Jem feel welcome at Calpurnia's church?
  1. Zeebo
  2. Reverend Sykes
  3. Zeebo and Rev. Sykes
  4. Lula
Grade 11 The Crucible
Proctor does not like Rev. Parris because he thinks Parris...
  1. is a lecher
  2. is too superstitious
  3. is too concerned with money and expensive items
  4. is being taken to an asylum for treatment
Grade 11 The Crucible
Grade 11 The Crucible
Quote Identification: "He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him!"
  1. Rev. Hale
  2. Judge Danforth
  3. Abigail Williams
  4. Elizabeth Proctor
Grade 11 The Crucible
What commandment does John Proctor forget when being questions by Rev. Hale?
  1. thou shalt not kill
  2. thou shalt not commit adultery
  3. honor thy father and mother
  4. that shalt not covet
Grade 8 Tenets of the Catholic Faith
Which person led Protestants in defending American Catholics against unjust attacks?
  1. Dwight L. Moody
  2. Charles Darwin
  3. Rev. Washington Gladden
  4. Mother Frances Cabrini
Grade 10 Conducting Research
Grade 10 Enlightenment
Writers of the Enlightenment were primarily interested in
  1. changing the relationship between people and their government
  2. supporting the divine right theory
  3. debating the role of the church in society
  4. promoting increased power of the monarch
Grade 10 French Revolution
Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were viewed by much of the bourgeoisie as
  1. efficient leaders who helped France grow stronger
  2. enlightened despots
  3. British sympathizers
  4. unfit to meet the needs of the people
Grade 10 French Revolution
The primary purpose of the Committee on Public Safety was to
  1. make sure that France was secure from foreign attack.
  2. spy on the King and Queen of France.
  3. spread the words of Enlightenment.
  4. decide who were traitors and enemies of the Republic.
Grade 11 The Crucible
In The Crucible, Tituba most likely confessed to meeting with the devil because she...
  1. wanted to please Rev. Parris
  2. wanted the villagers to be afraid of her
  3. did not want Abigail to get into trouble
  4. thought it may save her life
Grade 10 French Revolution
The French people supported Napoleon Bonaparte because they hoped he would
  1. adopt the ideas of the Protestant Reformation
  2. restore Louis XVI to power
  3. provide stability for the nation
  4. end British control of France
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