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Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
Who is Balthasar?
  1. Romeo's best friend
  2. Romeo's servant
  3. Romeo's neighbor
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
Romeo tells Friar Lawrence that Romeo...
  1. still loves Rosaline
  2. has forgotten Rosaline
  3. that Juliet has ran away from Verona
  4. that Tybalt wants to kill him
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
Friar Laurence said that the Prince
  1. showed Romeo mercy.
  2. will put Romeo to death.
  3. is a friend of Romeo's father.
  4. wants to marry Juliet himself.
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
What does Tybalt realize when he hears Romeo speak?
  1. Romeo is a Montague.
  2. Romeo is in love with Juliet.
  3. Romeo has had too much punch.
  4. Romeo was his childhood best friend.
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
What news does Balthasar bring?
  1. Romeo is going to war
  2. Romeo's parents are dead
  3. Juliet is dead
Grade 10 Romeo and Juliet
Who did Juliet send to prove Romeo really wanted to marry her?
  1. Romeo's friends
  2. The Nurse
  3. Juliet's parents
  4. Romeo's messanger
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
What does Juliet want Romeo to do when she says "Oh, Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?"
  1. go home
  2. disown his name
  3. appear in front of her
  4. tell his father about them
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
By the end of Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet, the following characters are dead:
  1. Romeo, Juliet, Tybalt, Mercutio, Lady Montague, and Paris
  2. Romeo, Juliet, Tybalt, and Mercutio
  3. Romeo, Juliet, Tybalt, Mercutio, and Paris
  4. Romeo, Juliet, Tybalt, and Benvolio
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
At the beginning of the scene, Juliet is talking to Romeo. She wants Romeo
  1. to stay longer.
  2. to go to Mantua.
  3. to talk to the Prince.
  4. to join her for dinner.
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
What happens during the balcony scene?
  1. Romeo gets caught
  2. Benvolio follows Romeo to Juliet's house
  3. Romeo and Juliet express their love to each other
  4. Juliet falls off the balcony and Romeo catches her
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
The climax of Romeo and Juliet is:
  1. The secret marriage between Romeo and Juliet
  2. Romeo killing Tybalt and being banished
  3. Mercutio's death
  4. The party at the Capulet's house
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
Juliet is worried that Romeo
  1. does not love her.
  2. will think her love is not serious.
  3. had too much to drink at the party.
  4. is still in love with her cousin Rosaline.
None English as a Second Language ESL
Romeo and Juliet were                .
  1. sweethearts
  2. heartsweets
  3. tweethearts
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
What does Friar Laurence think of Romeo in the moment?
  1. He thinks Romeo is foolish.
  2. He thinks Romeo should be killed.
  3. He thinks Romeo is very cold-hearted.
  4. He thinks Romeo needs to get some rest.
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
Who does Mercutio blame for his wound?
  1. Tybalt
  2. Prince
  3. Romeo
  4. Benvolio
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
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