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Grade 9 Root Words
Grade 11 Radicals
  1. [math]2root3(2)+2xroot3(4)+3p^2root3(2p^2)+2root3(5)[/math]
  2. [math]2xroot3(4)+5p^2root3(2)+2root3(5)[/math]
  3. [math]2root3(2)+2xroot3(4)+3p^2root3(2)+2root3(5)[/math]
  4. [math]root3(16)+root3(32x^3)+root3(54p^8)+root3(40)[/math]
Grade 9 Root Words
Which root means "to move"?
  1. acro
  2. act
  3. abil
  4. acu
  5. ad
Grade 9 Root Words
Grade 9 Root Words
Which root(s) mean "bitter" or "sour?"
  1. abil
  2. abs
  3. acer
  4. acid
  5. acou
Grade 11 Functions and Relations CCSS: HSF-IF.B.5
What is the domain?
Graph - Square Root Function y=sqrt x
  1. All real numbers
  2. [math](-oo,0)[/math]
  3. [math] [0, +oo)[/math]
  4. [math](-oo, +oo)[/math]
Grade 3 Botany

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Grade 10 Botany
Which structure increases the root's surface area to allow for more water and mineral absorption?
  1. the apical meristem
  2. the root hairs
  3. the epidermal tissue
  4. the cortex
Grade 5 Root Words
What would be the root word for nonscheduled?
  1. scheduled
  2. nonschedule
  3. schedule
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