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Grade 9 Medical Terms
Grade 9 Medical Practices
Which is NOT a way to treat a shock victim?
  1. Eliminate the cause of shock.
  2. Provide food or drink for patient.
  3. Improve circulation of blood.
  4. Maintain body temperature.
Grade 9 Medical Terms
Shock is                                                        
  1. also called hypoperfusion
  2. life threatening
  3. connected to inadequate blood supply to brain and heart
  4. all of the above
Grade 4 Defining Words
To be shocked is to be
  1. calculated.
  2. stunned.
  3. employed.
  4. extended.
Grade 12 Economics
Sudden shortage of a good
  1. Demand shock
  2. Shell shock
  3. Supply shock
  4. Toxic shock
College Medical Terms
If the nervous system fails to properly regulate blood vessel diameters, it can lead to:
  1. neurogenic shock
  2. hypovolemic shock
  3. psychogenic shock
  4. volumetric shock
None Medical Practices
Speed shock:
  1. is preventable.
  2. only occurs with IV bolus or push medications.
  3. is a type of allergic reaction.
  4. never occurs at the ordered rate.
  5. All of the above
Continuing Education Navy
When rendering frist aid to a victim, you should check the person for breathing, shock and hemorrhage, in what order?
  1. Hemorrhage, breathing, shock
  2. Breathing, hemorrhage, shock
  3. Shock, breathing, hemorrahage
  4. Hemorrahage, shock, breathing
Continuing Education Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
Grade 4 Defining Words
disturbance; caused by something unexpected
  1. graze
  2. shock
  3. drought
  4. abundance
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