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Grade 7 Musical Notation
A group of sharp or flat signs that indicates the key of the music that follows.
  1. Time Signature
  2. Ritardando
  3. Grand Staff
  4. Key Signature
Grade 6 Nouns
Which of the following is a collective noun?
  1. jury
  2. signature
  3. contests
  4. lipstick
Continuing Education Scales
Grade 4 Writing
What is the largest part of the friendly letter?
  1. heading
  2. body
  3. closing
  4. signature
Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. signature
  2. signeture
  3. siggnature
Grade 3 Musical Notation
A time signature tells the musician:
  1. how many beats are in the song.
  2. how long it will take to play.
  3. how many beats are in a measure.
Grade 7 Musical Terms
Name this key signature
  1. G Major
  2. B Major
  3. C Major
  4. E Major
Grade 9 Musical Notation
Grade 10 Musical Terms
Grade 4 Writing
The main part of the letter.
  1. body
  2. closing
  3. greeeting
  4. heading
  5. signature
Grade 4 Writing
  1. body
  2. closing
  3. greeting
  4. heading
  5. signature
Grade 11 Personal Finance
Grade 10 Personal Finance
Grade 7 Musical Notation
Grade 5 Musical Terms
Grade 10 Musical Terms
Resume original tempo:
  1. A Tempo
  2. Phrase
  3. Meter
  4. Time Signature
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