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Grade 6 Environmental Science
What is another name for a solar panel?
  1. solar catcher
  2. solar eclipse
  3. solar filter
  4. solar cell
Grade 9 Sun
A sudden and tremendous eruption in the solar chromosphere.
  1. solar flare
  2. solar wind
  3. solar darkening
  4. sunspot
Grade 9 Environmental Science
Grade 8 Sun
Grade 9 Sun
What do you call the outer and weak layer of the solar atmosphere?
  1. chromosphere
  2. solar flare
  3. solar wind
  4. corona
Grade 9 Stars
Which of the following stars would be most likely to spend the longest time on the main sequence?
  1. a star with 0.05 solar masses
  2. a star with 1.2 solar masses
  3. a star with 7 solar masses
  4. a star with 15 solar masses
Grade 9 Sun
Grade 9 Sun
Grade 9 Environmental Science
What type of heating system uses solar collectors?
  1. heat pump
  2. active solar
  3. passive solar
  4. heat engine
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