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Grade 7 Human Reproduction
The male sex cell is called
  1. Egg
  2. Ovary
  3. Testis
  4. Sperm
Continuing Education Animal Husbandry
Grade 7 Human Reproduction
Sperm and Eggs are
  1. Sex Cells
  2. Alleles
  3. Genes
  4. Traits
College Human Reproduction
Sperm are matured in the                .
  1. Vas deferens
  2. Epididymides
  3. Testes
  4. Prostate gland
Grade 11 Human Reproduction
College Human Reproduction
The bulbourethral gland secretes                                             .
  1. Fluid that provides nutrition to sperm cells
  2. Fluid that increases motility of sperm
  3. Fluid that neutralizes acid in the urethra
  4. Sperm
Grade 8 Development and Reproduction
What occurs during fertilization?
  1. A sperm cells united with another sperm cell
  2. An egg cell unites with an organism
  3. A sperm cells united with an egg cell
  4. A fertilized egg joins with a sperm egg
Grade 12 Human Reproduction
Grade 7 Human Reproduction
The male sex cell is
  1. sperm
  2. egg
  3. testes
Grade 9 Human Reproduction
What is fertilization?
  1. joining of a sperm
  2. joining of a sperm and egg cell
  3. joining of an egg cell
Grade 9 Development and Reproduction
The union of an ovum and a sperm is
  1. miscarriage.
  2. fertilization.
  3. amniocentisis.
  4. ectopic pregnancy.
Grade 11 Human Reproduction
Sperm mature in this structure:
  1. Testes
  2. Scrotum
  3. Vas Deferens
  4. Epididymis
Grade 8 Human Reproduction
What are sperm cells?
  1. Tube that carries sperm from epididymis
  2. Cells produced in the testes
  3. Hormone produced in the ovaries
Grade 6 Cell Structure and Function
What are sperm and eggs?
  1. variations
  2. sex cells
  3. mutations
  4. genes
Grade 10 Human Reproduction
This is the inability to reproduce, as a result of too few sperm or sperm of poor quality.
  1. prostate problems
  2. inguinal hernia
  3. testicular cancer
  4. sterility
College Human Reproduction
What is the definition of Spermatogenesis?
  1. It is the technical term for ejaculation.
  2. It is the process of transporting sperm to the urethra.
  3. It is the process of producing sperm.
  4. It is the name for the first sperm to reach a female egg.
Grade 10 Human Reproduction
Formation of sperm and eggs differ in that
  1. only one sperm cell per division is a gamete
  2. polar bodies are formed in sperm production
  3. sperm are smaller than eggs
  4. formation of sperm can occur by mitosis but formation of eggs cannot
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