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Grade 8 Musical Instruments
On the guitar, which string is closer to the floor?
  1. the 5th string
  2. the 6th string
  3. the 1st string
  4. the 4th string
Grade 8 Musical Instruments
On the guitar, which string is closer to the ceiling?
  1. the top string
  2. the middle string
  3. the bottom string
  4. the 5th string
Grade 11 Business Technology
Which command prints the first character of a string?
  1. print string
  2. print string[1]
  3. print string[0]
  4. print string[0:1]]
Grade 4 Waves and Sound
You can make the sound louder if you pluck a guitar string by
  1. moving the string farther before letting go.
  2. stopping the string when it starts to move.
  3. shortening the string.
  4. lengthening the string.
Grade 2 Musical Instruments
Grade 12 Musical Instruments
Bands traditionally consist of what instrumentation?
  1. Brass, Percussion, Woodwinds
  2. Strings, Brass, Percussion
  3. Percussion, Woodwinds, Strings
  4. Brass, Strings, Woodwinds
Continuing Education Java and JSP
Which of the following method declarations overload this method?

public void setSender(String name)
  1. void setSender(String name)
  2. public void setSender(InternetAddress ia)
  3. public void setSender(String email)
  4. public Sender setSender(String name)
  5. public void setReceiver(String name)
  6. public void setSender(String name, String email)
None Classical - 1750-1830
What is a string quartet?
  1. chamber music genre
  2. ABA form
  3. two violins, two cellos
  4. two violins, viola, cello
Grade 2 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
College Performance and Listening
Grade 5 Defining Words
striking or being struck
  1. string
  2. hit
  3. blow
  4. lifted
Grade 1 Zoology
Grade 7 Musical Instruments
The four families of musical instruments that make up the orchestra are:
  1. woodwind, brass, percussion, string
  2. woodwind, keyboard, percussion, string
  3. woodwind, brass, harpsichord, string
  4. trumpets, flutes, violins, timpani
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