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Grade 5 Tectonics
The theory of plate movement is called                      .
  1. plate tectonics
  2. geology
  3. continental tectonics
  4. biology
Grade 7 Tectonics
Earthquakes most often occur
  1. in the middle of tectonic plates.
  2. anywhere near a tectonic plate.
  3. only in the 'Ring of Fire'.
  4. on the boundary of tectonic plates.
Grade 8 Vocabulary
Grade 6 Tectonics
What is a tectonic plate?
  1. liquid magma
  2. technical term used for dinnerware
  3. lava flowing into the ocean
  4. the movable crust on top of the mantle
Grade 5 Tectonics
What is a tectonic plate?
  1. a dish made of rock
  2. a kind of mountain
  3. a moving piece of Earth's rocky crust
  4. a loose piece of Earth's inner core
Grade 7 Tectonics
Grade 7 Tectonics
Grade 9 Geomorphology
Plutonic and tectonic are subcategories of
  1. folded mountains.
  2. dome mountains.
  3. fault-block mountains.
  4. horsts and grabens.
Grade 8 Tectonics
Grade 8 Geomorphology
Volcanism, tectonics, and erosion are all                       .
  1. astronomical events
  2. geological processes
  3. biological adaptations
  4. atmospheric conditions
Grade 12 Tectonics
A tectonic plate segment includes
  1. all of the mantle.
  2. the crust and the asthenosphere.
  3. the upper mantle and the crust.
  4. the mantle and the core.
Grade 7 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 3 Tectonics
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