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Grade 6 Heat Transfer
Grade 5 Heat Transfer
Grade 8 Heat Transfer
Which of the following energy transfers would be correct?
  1. Thermal energy from a hot drink is transferred to cold hands.
  2. Thermal energy from the refrigerator is transferred to a hot pie in the refrigerator.
  3. An ice cube loses thermal energy to a hot cup of tea as it melts.
Grade 11 Thermodynamics
Which situation is a good example of the transfer of energy through radiation?
  1. A fan cools the CPU in a computer.
  2. Energy passes from one person’s hand to another person when they shake hands.
  3. Warm air that is less dense rises to the ceiling of a room.
  4. A snake’s body temperature increases when the snake lies in the sun.
Grade 6 Rhetoric and Propaganda CCSS: CCRA.R.8, RI.6.8
Grade 10 Job Search and Career
Transferable skills are:
  1. Skills that you give to other people.
  2. Skills that you can trade for other skills
  3. Skills that you can use in many different situations
  4. Skills that you can make you rich
Continuing Education Job Search and Career
Transferable skills are
  1. skills that you can give to other people.
  2. skills that you can trade for other skills.
  3. skills that you can use in many different situations.
  4. skills that are not important.
None Human Resources
What are the 2 types of flags?
  1. favorable and non favorable
  2. transferable and non transferable
  3. favorable and transferable
Grade 9 Energy and Momentum
Grade 5 Defining Words
passed from one place to another
  1. calculate
  2. transferred
  3. snug
  4. presence
Grade 5 Defining Words
method of doing something
  1. dwarfed
  2. enthusiastic
  3. procedure
  4. transferred
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