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Grade 5 Charlotte's Web
Which title of the book is capitalized correctly?
  1. charlotte's web
  2. charlotte's Web
  3. Charlotte's Web
  4. Charlotte's web
None Business Technology
The section 508 requirements have been expanded to cover:
  1. Web applications only.
  2. Web sites and electronic document content only.
  3. Web sites, web applications, and electronic document content.
  4. Web applications and electronic document content.
Grade 4 Food Chains and Webs
Several food chains that overlap form a
  1. spider web.
  2. tangled mess.
  3. niche.
  4. food web.
Grade 7 Food Chains and Webs
Grade 10 Food Chains and Webs

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Which position in the food web is occupied by mushrooms?
Food Web
  1. primary consumers
  2. decomposers
  3. producers
  4. tertiary consumers
College Education
Webbing and mnemonics are examples of
  1. interventions
  2. monitoring
  3. differentiated instruction
  4. learning strategies
Grade 5 STEM Words
Grade 5 Zoology
Birds with webbed feet are
  1. birds of prey.
  2. swimming birds.
  3. perching birds.
  4. wading birds.
Grade 10 Food Chains and Webs
Grade 5 Food Chains and Webs
Food webs illustrate
  1. that energy passes from organism to organism.
  2. where animals live.
  3. the differences in organisms.
Grade 10 Food Chains and Webs

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Grade 1 Short vowels CCSS: RF.1.2, RF.1.2a
Grade 10 PC Basics
What is the World Wide Web?
  1. a computer game
  2. a software program
  3. the part of the Internet that enables information-sharing via interconnected pages
  4. another name for the Internet
Grade 2 Zoology
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