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Grade 2 Development and Reproduction
Grade 2 Development and Reproduction
Grade 3 Locomotion CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RI.3.3
How did Lonnie get his name?
  1. From a TV show
  2. From a book
  3. From a song
  4. From a movie
Continuing Education Navy
From where and when is the national ensign flown on a commissioned ship not underway?
  1. From the Jackstaff at the Stern from 0800 to sunset
  2. From the flagstaff at the stern from 0800 to sunset
  3. From the flagstaff at the bow from 0800 to sunset
  4. From the Jackstaff at the Bow from 0800 to sunset
Grade 11 Oceanography and Hydrology
Grade 9 Circulatory and Immune Systems
In what direction does blood move when the AV node in the heart fires?
  1. from the atria to the veins
  2. from the ventricles to the atria
  3. from the atria to the ventricles
  4. from the ventricles to the arteries
Grade 7 Ancient History
When people first began writing, they wrote:
  1. from bottom to top
  2. from right to left
  3. from top to bottom
  4. from left to right
Graduate Biochemical Pathways
All living things require substantial quantities of carbon. Where do plants get the carbon they need to survive?
  1. From decaying organic matter
  2. From the air
  3. From the soil (but not water)
  4. From the water in the soil
Grade 8 Magnetism and Electricity
In which direction do electrons flow?
  1. from positive to positive
  2. from negative to positive
  3. from negative to negative
  4. from positive to negative
College Nervous and Endocrine Systems
The central sulcus separates which lobes?
  1. Frontal from parietal
  2. Parietal from occipital
  3. Temporal from occipital
  4. Frontal from temporal
Grade 7 Harry Potter
How does Harry get the sorcerer's stone?
  1. From Professor Quirrell
  2. From the mirror of Erised
  3. From Hermione Granger
  4. From Norbert the dragon
Grade 7 The Frontier
The decree of April 6, 1830, stopped immigration
  1. to Mexico from Texas
  2. to Texas from the US
  3. to Texas from Mexico
  4. to US from Texas
Grade 5 Atmosphere
Weather fronts usually move across the Unites States how?
  1. from east to west
  2. from west to east
  3. from north to south
  4. from south to north
Continuing Education Creation and the Fall of Man
What does the firmament divide?
  1. Dry land from the waters
  2. The abysses from the earth
  3. Heaven from earth
  4. Good from evil
  5. Man from Leviathan
Grade 4 Visual Arts
A tradition is
  1. something from the past
  2. something from the present
  3. something from the future
Grade 6 Energy and Momentum
What is nuclear energy?
  1. energy from atoms
  2. heat from the Sun
  3. energy from water
Grade 10 Context Clues
The defendant felt vindicated when the truth became known and all charges were dropped against him.

In this sentence, vindicated means:
  1. cleared from blame
  2. cleared from obligation
  3. cleared from peer pressure
  4. cleared from expectations
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