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Grade 2 Fractions and Ratios CCSS: 2.G.A.3
Grade 10 Coordinate Geometry CCSS: HSG-GPE.B.4
For the circle centered at [math](-1,3)[/math] with radius 3, which of the following is true about the point [math](0.5, 0.2) ?[/math]
  1. It lies on the circle.
  2. It lies in the circle.
  3. It lies outside the circle.
  4. Not enough information.
Grade 1 Basic Shapes CCSS: 1.G.A.3
Grade 10 Circles CCSS: HSG-C.A.1

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If we are to translate circle B to circle A, which of the following translations would accomplish this?
  1. Translate circle B by [math]vec{AB}[/math].
  2. Translate circle B by [math]vec{BA}[/math].
  3. Translate circle B by its radius.
  4. Translate circle B by the radius of circle A.
Grade 2 Fractions and Ratios CCSS: 2.G.A.3
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