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Grade 6 Mesopotamia
What was the first written code of laws?
  1. The Laws of Mesopotamia
  2. The Code of Mesopotamia
  3. The Laws of Cuneiform
  4. Hammurabi's Code
Grade 10 Ancient India
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
Grade 10 Mesopotamia
Name the first known complex civilization:
  1. Egypt
  2. Mesopotamia
  3. China
  4. Maya
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
Who did the Assyrians conquer?
  1. Sumer
  2. Mesopotamia
  3. Babylonia
  4. Egypt
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
The "land between the rivers" was named __.
  1. Babylon
  2. Sumer
  3. Egypt
  4. Mesopotamia
Grade 5 Bodies of Water and Continents
Grade 9 Ancient History
The most ancient home of the Israelites was
  1. Ur
  2. Canaan
  3. Mesopotamia
  4. Atlanta
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
What does Mesopotamia mean?
  1. divided nation
  2. land between two mountains
  3. land between the rivers
  4. land of ancient people
Grade 10 Ancient History
College Egypt
Symbolic of Hammurabi's unification of Mesopotamia was:
  1. the exodus from Egypt
  2. his great law code
  3. the defeat of the Egyptians
  4. the coming of King Peleset
Grade 6 Mesopotamia

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Greek word for "land between the rivers"
  1. Nile
  2. Fertile ground
  3. province
  4. Mesopotamia
Grade 6 Ancient History
Mesopotamia developed into cities between
  1. 3000-4000BC
  2. Tigris and Euphrates river
  3. 4000-3000AD
  4. 4000-3000BC
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
The first major civilization in Mesopotamia was:
  1. Sumer
  2. Rome
  3. Elizabethtown
  4. Washington D.C.
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
Where did the first civilization develop?
  1. Indus River Valley
  2. China
  3. Eygpt
  4. Mesopotamia
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
The lands facing the Mediterranean Sea is known as
  1. fertile crescent
  2. Mesopotamia
  3. Persian Gulf
  4. Hammurabi
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
The word Mesopotamia is a Greek word that means
  1. Fertile hippopotamus
  2. Between the rivers
  3. Land of fertility
  4. Land of the pots
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