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Grade 3 Abbreviations and Acronyms
Grade 6 Planetary Motion
What keeps the planets in orbit around the Sun?
  1. the Sun's heat
  2. the Sun's rotation
  3. the Sun's gravitational pull
Grade 5 Solar System
The solar system includes the
  1. Sun and all the celestial bodies that orbit the Sun.
  2. Sun only.
  3. Sun and Earth only.
Kindergarten Basic Measurement Concepts CCSS: K.CC.B.4, K.CC.B.4c
Grade 9 Nuclear Chemistry
Where do nuclear fusion and nuclear fission reactions occur naturally?
  1. in the stars and the Moon
  2. in the Sun and the Moon
  3. in the stars and the Sun
  4. in the Moon and the Sun
Grade 9 Sun
About how long ago was our Sun formed?
  1. 4.6 billion years
  2. 4.6 million years
  3. 46 million years
Grade 6 The Moon
What is the correct alignment during a lunar eclipse?
  1. Sun, Moon, Earth
  2. Moon, Sun, Earth
  3. Sun, Earth, Moon
  4. Earth, Sun, Moon
Grade 6 Planetary Motion
What is the order of the Sun, Moon, and Earth during a lunar eclipse?
  1. Sun - Moon - Earth
  2. Earth - Sun - Moon
  3. Sun - Earth - Moon
  4. Moon - Sun - Earth
Grade 9 Sun
Galileo’s observation of the motion of sunspots provided evidence for which of the following?
  1. the rotation of the Sun
  2. the Sun’s chemical composition
  3. the layered structure of the Sun
  4. the shape of Earth’s orbit around the Sun
Grade 6 Planetary Motion
During a solar eclipse, what are the positions of the Sun, Earth, and Moon?
  1. Earth - Sun - Moon
  2. Sun - Earth - Moon
  3. Sun - Moon - Earth
  4. Moon - Sun - Earth
Grade 2 Atmosphere
When we have summer in our part of the world, Earth tilts in what direction?
  1. away from the Sun
  2. directly at the Sun
  3. toward the Sun
  4. it does not tilt
Grade 4 Outer Planets
Outer planets are
  1. near to the Sun.
  2. far from the Sun.
Grade 5 Sun
Grade 3 Environmental Science
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