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Grade 5 Biomes
Which of the following best describes the location of the tundra biome?
  1. Southern hemisphere
  2. Northern hemisphere
  3. Subtropics
  4. Tropics
Grade 5 Biomes
What is the boundary between the tundra and the forest?
  1. glacier
  2. desert
  3. chaparral
  4. timberline
Grade 4 Biomes
What is a tundra?
  1. areas where land and water meet; always wet
  2. a very dry area that is mostly hot during the day
  3. place with many trees and abundant food for animals
  4. a place with sparse vegetation and is cold throughout the year
Grade 5 Biomes
Which of the following is not a type of tundra?
  1. Arctic Tundra
  2. Alpine Tundra
  3. Austrian Tundra
  4. Antarctic Tundra
Grade 7 Geography
In the tundra, winters are...
  1. mild
  2. cool
  3. bitterly cold
  4. average
Grade 7 Geography
Define a Tundra
  1. All of the physical surroundings in a place, including land, water, animals, plants, and climate
  2. To change in order to adjust to a new condition or environment.
  3. A vast, treeless plain in the Artic regions with very cold winters, cold summers, and little rain or snow.
  4. A people’s way of life, including beliefs, customs, food, dwellings, and clothing
Grade 5 Geography
Grade 2 Geography
Permafrost and tundra are found in:
  1. the arctic
  2. Orillia
  3. near the equator
  4. everywhere
Grade 11 Biomes
Grade 9 Biomes
Two biomes with the least amount of precipitation are called                               .
  1. Tundra and Taiga
  2. Taiga and Desert
  3. Desert and Tundra
  4. Tundra and Temperate Grassland
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