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Grade 10 Visual Arts
A three-dimensional representation of an existing object.
  1. prototype
  2. working drawing
  3. model
  4. profile
Grade 10 Visual Arts
Grade 10 Visual Arts
A mark that has length and direction.
  1. unity
  2. line
  3. value
  4. shape
Grade 10 Visual Arts
The way we show objects in relation to one another; size, shape, etc.
  1. Proportion
  2. Gesture
  3. Linerar Perspective
  4. Sketch
Grade 10 Visual Arts
Grade 10 Visual Arts
Brown, gray and black are called:
  1. pastel colors
  2. primary colors
  3. neutral colors
  4. complementary color
Grade 10 Visual Arts
How do you make a shade?
  1. add black to a color
  2. add white to a color
  3. add gray to a color
  4. add yellow to a color
Grade 7 Art and Music Words
Indicate the correct spelling.
  1. audio visual
  2. audiovisual
  3. audio-visual
  4. audio-visaul
Grade 9 Study Skills and Strategies
The two most common types of learners are:
  1. Visual and Kinesthetic
  2. Auditory and Kinesthetic
  3. Visual and Auditory
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Grade 8 Defining Words
To figure out based on evidence:
  1. to connect
  2. to predict
  3. to visualize
  4. to infer
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