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Grade 12 Theater
What are the two main categories of stage makeup?
  1. Paint based & Cream based
  2. Grease based & Color based
  3. Water based & Cream based
  4. Oil based & Water based
  5. None of the Above
None Baseball
As a rule of thumb when running the bases, the runner should look in the following order:
  1. Ball-base-ball
  2. Base-ball-base
  3. Ball-coach-base
  4. Base-coach-ball
Grade 4 Baseball
Grade 5 Communities, Populations, and Ecosystems
Grade 10 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
Cytosine nucleotide bases spontaneously form hydrogen bonds with
  1. phosphate ions.
  2. guanine bases.
  3. adenine bases.
  4. thymine bases.
  5. uracil bases.
Grade 7 Macromolecules
What is the code for a specific amino acid?
  1. a single base
  2. a set of two bases
  3. a group of three bases
  4. two base pairs together
Grade 9 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
Frameshift mutations result from
  1. base substitutions.
  2. base deletions or additions.
  3. a base replacing another base accidentally.
  4. all of the above.
Grade 7 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
Each rung of the DNA ladder is made of
  1. a pair of nitrogen bases.
  2. a single nitrogen base.
  3. three nitrogen bases.
  4. four nitrogen bases.
Grade 10 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
A nucleotide consists of
  1. a nitrogen base.
  2. a nitrogen base and a sugar.
  3. a nitrogen base, sugar, and phosphate.
  4. two nitrogen bases, a sugar, and a phosphate.
Grade 5 Three Dimensional Shapes
What 3-D shape has all right angles?
  1. triangle based prism
  2. square bases pyramid
  3. cube
  4. hexagon based prism
Grade 4 Baseball
With the bases loaded, where are the force plays?
  1. 1st base
  2. 2nd base
  3. 3rd base
  4. Home plate
  5. All of the above
Grade 4 Baseball
Grade 9 Environmental Science
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