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None Nouns

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  1. count
  2. non-count
Grade 3 Scientific Method
Which of the following is an observation?
  1. I like grapes.
  2. The grapes are green.
  3. Grapes are my favorite fruit.
  4. I think there are grapes are in my lunch.
College Culinary Arts
Hybrid grape varieties are                                                         .
  1. a cross between vitis vinifera and another vitis species
  2. a cross between two types of vitis vinifera vines
  3. reproduced from a cutting
  4. not used to create Phylloxera-resistance rootstocks
Grade 1 Vowel Sounds
Grade 1 Consonants and Blends
Which word has ONE syllable?
  1. boxes
  2. classes
  3. grapes
College Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments
Grade 6 Latin American Geography
Grade 4 Civil Rights
Kindergarten Context Clues
I am red. I belong to the berry family.

What am I?
  1. a grape
  2. a nectarine
  3. a strawberry
  4. a tomato
Kindergarten Context Clues
I can be purple or green. I grow on a vine.

What am I?
  1. an eggplant
  2. a grape
  3. a lime
  4. a zucchini
Grade 7 Exploration
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