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Continuing Education Diet and Nutrition
What is the lowest amount of calories a man and woman should safely restrict their intake to:
  1. Men - 1100 / Women - 800
  2. Men - 1300 / Women - 1000
  3. Men - 1500 / Women - 1200
  4. Men - 1700 / Women - 1400
Grade 8 Drugs and Alcohol
What classifies Binge Drinking
  1. 2 drinks for women, 3 for men
  2. 4 for women, 5 for men
  3. 5 for women, 4 for men
  4. 2 for men and women
Grade 8 The Ransom of Red Chief
How did Sam and Bill sign the ransom note?
  1. Two Desperados
  2. Two Dead Men
  3. Two Desperate Men
  4. Two Deranged Men
Grade 5 The Frontier
Most of Oregon-bound travelers were:
  1. Single men
  2. Elderly men
  3. Families
  4. Government workers
Grade 2 Colonial Period
The settlers who arrived in Jamestown were mostly
  1. boys and girls.
  2. men and boys.
  3. women and men.
  4. families.
Grade 6 To Kill a Mockingbird
What made the men finally leave the jail?
  1. Jem told the men to leave.
  2. Mr. Cunningham told the men to leave.
  3. Atticus told the men to leave.
Grade 9 Fitness
Choose the answer that is mostly correct when talking about getting Osteoporosis
  1. Men are a higher risk than women
  2. Men and women are at equal risk
  3. Women are at greater risk than men
  4. Neither men or women are at risk
  5. All of the above
Grade 10 Classic Literature
In "Of Mice and Men", what do men think of Curley's wife?
  1. They suspect that she married Curley because she is pregnant
  2. They think that she married Curley for money
  3. They think she is a tart
  4. They pity her for her marriage to Curley
Grade 4 Democratic Foundations
The "founding fathers" were
  1. the men who explored America
  2. the men fought the War of 1812
  3. the men who wrote the Constitution of the United States
  4. the men who wrote the story of the United States
Grade 11 Industrialization
Grade 1 Rhymes
Grade 1 Short vowels CCSS: RF.1.2, RF.1.2a
Grade 7 Progressive Era
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