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Grade 6 Seasonal Words
Grade 10 Root Words
The root SCI means which of the following?
  1. To carry
  2. To light
  3. To know
  4. To like
  5. To clean
College Medical Terms
A halo frame is used in SCI treatment for:
  1. spine stabilization
  2. orthostatic or postural hypotension control
  3. thrombophlebitis/embolisms
  4. autonomic dysrelexia
College Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments
Electric wheelchairs are most often prescribed for persons with the following SCI:
  1. C2-C4 that are able to use sip-puff control
  2. C5-C6 if in school/college
  3. both of the above
College Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments
Which of the following has the biggest impact on the prognosis for recovery for persons with SCI:
  1. whether the lesion is complete or incomplete
  2. if the patient is a man
  3. if the accident occured because of a MVA
  4. the amount of education he/she has
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