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Continuing Education Public Health
Bio-Terrorism is Defined as:
  1. The intentional use of bodily fluids in an attempt intentionally inflict harm on medical staff
  2. The intentional release of radioactive materials that results in illness.
  3. The deliberate release of pathogenic microorganisms into a community for the purpose of creating civil diruption.
  4. Boarding and coughing on an airplane while ill with a upper respiratory infection in the middle of flu season.
Grade 10 Biology
The word "bio" means
  1. death.
  2. earth.
  3. food.
  4. life.
Continuing Education PC Basics
Grade 9 Root Words
Grade 4 Root Words
What does the root bio means?
  1. life
  2. earth
  3. human
  4. tree
Grade 8 Environmental Science
Grade 7 Root Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.7.4b
to write, draw, record
  1. graph, gram
  2. bio
  3. hydro
  4. circ, circum
Grade 8 Acids and Bases
Grade 5 Root Words
If bio means life, what does biography mean?
  1. a life dictionary
  2. a life saving device
  3. a life story
  4. a changed life
Grade 8 Conservation and Biodiversity
What living organisms determine the health of an ecosystem?
  1. biotic factors
  2. abiotic factors
  3. amphibians
  4. bio-indicators
Grade 7 Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
Grade 10 Medical Practices
What should a health care worker do with bed sheets that are soaked with blood?
  1. Double-bag them, put them in a bio-hazardous trash bag, and tape the top closed.
  2. Place them in a bio-hazardous linens bag.
  3. Place them in a bio-hazardous trash bag.
  4. Place them in a trash bag and send to the incinerator.
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