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Grade 3 Adaptations and Behavior
A pelican's bill has a pouch that hangs from it. How does this adaptation help the pelican survive?
  1. It helps the bird catch fish.
  2. It helps the bird store water.
  3. It helps the bird attack other animals.
  4. It helps the bird balance itself when it walks.
Grade 2 Zoology
How do fins help fish?
  1. Fins help fish take in oxygen
  2. fins help fish balance and steer.
  3. fins help fish lay eggs.
  4. fins help fish eat.
Grade 9 Meal Planning
Fats are necessary nutrients in our diets because they provide energy, help the body store and use vitamins, and
  1. help break down cholesterol in the bloodstream.
  2. help the amino acids build muscle.
  3. help our bones absorb calcium.
  4. help regulate body temperature.
Grade 2 Supporting Details CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RI.2.3

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Which is NOT a reason the author gives when she explains why people live in tiny houses?
  1. to save money
  2. to help the environment
  3. to save energy
  4. to help relax
Grade 5 Supporting Details CCSS: CCRA.R.5, RL.5.5

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Why is the third paragraph so important to the passage?
  1. It helps explain how long the group had been rehearsing
  2. It helps bring the passage to an end
  3. It helps explain Mario's nervousness
  4. It helps explain the play they are putting on
Grade 4 Capitalization and Punctuation CCSS: CCRA.L.2, L.4.2b
Which quotation is correct?
  1. Help "me," please! said Dan.
  2. "Help" me, please! said Dan.
  3. "Help me, please!" said Dan.
  4. Help me, "please" ! said Dan.
Grade 4 Because of Winn-Dixie
What reminded Opal to help Gloria into the house?
  1. Seeing Otis help the preacher
  2. Seeing Sweetie Pie helping Winn Dixie
  3. Seeing Amanda helping Miss Franny
  4. Seeing the preacher helping MIss Franny
Grade 1 Colonial Period
Why did the Pilgrims decide to have a feast?
  1. To help eat leftover food.
  2. To show the Indians that they didn't need help.
  3. To thank God for helping them survive.
Grade 4 Animals (Stories) CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RI.4.3

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When describing the sunfish, why did the author nickname it the "pumpkin-seed"?
  1. To help describe its color
  2. To help distinguish it from the other fish
  3. To help explain that it looked like a piece of food
  4. To help show how small it really was
Grade 6 Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
The job of the excretory system is to
  1. help the body get rid of waste.
  2. help oxygen get to all parts of the body.
  3. help the body circulate blood.
  4. help the body use food for energy.
Grade 2 Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
Grade 5 Emergency Medical Services
What is the "Heimlich Maneuver" used for?
  1. Helping people learn to speak German.
  2. Helping people who are having a heart attack.
  3. Helping people who have trouble eating.
  4. Helping people to stop choking.
Grade 6 Prefixes and Suffixes
Form the word.

help + ful
  1. helpful
  2. helppful
  3. helpfull
Grade 2 African-American Literature
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