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Printable Culinary Arts Worksheets

Culinary Arts Worksheets -

Our culinary arts worksheets are designed for students enrolled in a culinary arts program or course, and for students who simply want to improve their culinary knowledge. Worksheets cover a range of skills, from knowledge of basic cooking vocabulary to more advanced food preparation techniques and methods.

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Kitchen Safety and Sanitation

Challenge students’ understanding of kitchen safety and sanitation practices that are the foundation for successful culinary experiences.

Kitchen Equipment and Tools

Use these worksheets to improve student knowledge related to choosing the right kitchen equipment and tools that will make cooking faster and easier.

Meal Planning

Help students improve meal planning skills focusing on healthy choices, dietary restrictions, budget and presentation.

Baking Skills

Test students’ knowledge of baking ingredients, theory and methods for making quick breads and leavened doughs.

Culinary Skills and Techniques

Evaluate student knowledge of a broad range of culinary techniques and methods including cooking vocabulary and knife skills.

Culinary Skills: Specific Foods

These worksheets cover basic culinary skills and cooking techniques for specific foods, such as herbs and spices, potatoes, pasta, and even chocolate.

Culinary Math

Assess student understanding of math concepts in the culinary world using basic operations with fractions, ratios and an understanding of the differences between imperial and metric systems and their conversions.